Shadows Over Arantor

The Story So Far

A quick recap of the campaign thus far

As a still-unnamed company of adventurers, the party was hired by Dennis, the owner of Dennis' Emporium in Punjar, after saving a shipment of otherworldly brandy from a unit of the Platinum Claw. The party was to deliver the brandy to Freehold, which they did without incident. However, shortly after delivery, the incidents of the Sundering began to take shape. Within hours, the entire city was overrun with undead. Barely escaping through a portal, a mishap caused the party to arrive in the Shadowfell, where the armies of one known only as "The Overlord" were amassing to enter Arantor.

With the assistance of the fallen paladin Sir Keegan, the party learned of the Overlord's plan to resurrect former heroes and use the in his undead army. While the party managed to stop one incident of this from happening, they returned to Arantor via portal knowing that in other areas of the world, they were not so lucky.The party then ravaged Stormcrow Tor in search of a religious text known as the Litanies of Pelor. In its pages marked an ancient and powerful artifact known as the Orb of Pelor, which may be the only key to turning back the Overlord's army.

Returning to Punjar and finding it occupied by the Redeemed, the party fought through the sewers and gathered the information from a captured Dennis who told the party that the Orb was still in the fallen Imperial archives in Nerath. With the assistance of the Sea Dogs, the party has set off on the sea north to Nerath, in search of the archives and the Orb.

However, their association with Dennis and resistance to the Redeemed have them marked as wanted criminals in Punjar, and potentially other places as well. Will they reach Nerath and find the Orb in time to clear their names, and more importantly – save the world? 




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