History of Arantor

Arantor has existed for thousands of years, the details of its creation unknown by mortals. Containing all sorts of climates and geographic styles, there is truly a home for everything in Arantor. Through most of its history, the inhabitants of the world have kept to themselves, hoping to avoid the dark elements that live in the shadows of the world. All dates are BCS (before campaign start)

1200 BCS  - First Arkhosian clans form

Dragons, one of the earliest inhabitants of the world, began to work through man to expand their dominion on Arantor in the eastern portion now dominated by the Great Rivers and the Golden Hills. The elder dragons soon bored of spending their time in one material plane and have since moved on, but the fruit of their labor – the Dragonborn – organized into elaborate clans, some of which have survived to the present day.

500 BSAEmpire of Nerath formed

500 years ago, the primarily-human residents of the large city of Nerath decided to expand their influence and progress throughout the shadowy world through the creation of the Empire of Nerath. The Empire pioneered new frontiers in magic, warfare, medicine, and countless other disciplines, even building a large road and forming an army to protect its citizens. History tells us that the Empire was mostly viewed as a benevolent one, expanding through knowledge more than by force. However, their expansion proved to be their downfall, as the zeal for expansion stretched the Empire too thin and expended its resources too little. The Empire faded away with a whimper on its 300th anniversary, leaving tales and treasures lost to time.

Present day – Sundering

On one dark night, the earth shook, the sky tore, and the seas ran red – this was the night of the Sundering. After a shipment of the extremely rare "Phelan Brand Brandy" was delivered to the royal court of Freehold, some of the inhabitants were tainted and became undead. Various portals and openings to the Shadowfell opened, and the entire city was soon infested with undead and other dark creatures. Across Arantor, these minions of darkness – answering to one only known as "The Overlord" – began various rites on long-dead heroes of Arantor to resurrect them in service to their evil cause. Entire stretches of land were burned whole or thrown into the sea. The northern cities were quickly overtaken, and tales of dark deeds began to crawl across the world. One group, the Vanguard, took up arms quickly after the Sundering in an effort to repel the invaders from the north. Based in the newly formed fortress of Argent, they are quickly becoming one of the largest fighting forces the world has seen since the Empire. Another group, the Redeemed, began occupying cities and raising militias to protect the people and weed out any suspicious subjects. Their effectiveness and methods are debated amongst survivors, but they have been safe so far.

History of Arantor

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