Akra Peaceblade

A blood splattered and dishonored dragonborn fighter bent on killing his way to redemption.


Akra Litarian

Childhood name: Zealous

Clan Name: Peaceblade

Akra's clan is an exiled member of the Council of Clans of the Golden Plains, a rough coalition of dragonborn clans who have formed a mutual defense and economic alliance with a minor human noble house, the Fellstones. Eighty years ago, the eldest member of the Peaceblade clan, Drenoy Litarian, gave his life defending the father of the current Fellstone patriarch, Joriah Fellstone, from a bandit attack. As a reward, the Fellstones formed a blood bond with the Peaceblade clan and the Peaceblades became the Fellstones personal guards and advisors, securing the treaty the clans had formed. The bloodbond lasted more than fifty years. The Peaceblade clan gained notoriety for their proficient use of their clan weapon, the fullblade, and entire families of the Peaceblade clan were known to be in the employ of the Fellstones. The treaty brought advances and wealth to the clans, but radically altered their way of life. When Akra was just twelve years of age, still young enough to be referred to by his childood name, the Fellstone's Captain of the Guard colluded with the leaders of a lesser-known Dragonborn clan in the Golden Plains, the Hammerwings. The overarching plan was to kill the young son of Joriah Fellstone and place the blame on the Peaceblade clan, thus discrediting them and breaking the treaty between the Fellstones and the clans. The Hammerwing elders then would lead the Council of Clans back to the older ways of living, without the 'corrupting' influence of the humans and back to the old ways of the clans. The plan was executed flawlessly. At night, Hammerwing troops made their way through the Fellstone defenses. Disguised with Fellstone livery and wielding fullblades, the troops easily slipped in through the security by posing as a regular guard rotation. Just before dawn, the Hammerwing troops struck, killing a number of keep guards and mortally wounding the child. The Hammerwings suffered only minor losses, and left no dragonborn bodies behind to be identified. The Captain of the Guard made it a point to implicate the Peaceblades using the ample evidence left behind by the Hammerwings in disguise. The planted evidence was perfect. The Fellstone family was distraught. Sensing his opportunity, the Captain of the Guard stuck in his barb, intimating that he had already begun an investigation into the dragonborn clans, and that he had heard disturbing rumors that the Council of Clans was planning to use this distraction to order an attack against the Fellstones and claim the land's resources. His words had an effect, but not quite the one he intended. As the sun rose, Joriah Fellstone approached the Council of Clans to demand an explanation but stopped short of outright breaking the treaty they had formed. Joriah's demands were simple, payment in kind for the loss of his family, nothing short of the total exile of the Peaceblade clan from the Council of Clans or the treaty would be broken. The Council deliberated into the night. Early the next day they made their decision. In light of the damning evidence, the demands of the Fellstones, and their own desires to maintain the treaty, the Peaceblade clan was stripped of their Council status and exiled from the Golden Plains, never to return. All the male Peaceblades were branded with a mark of dishonor over their right chest, a reminder of what they had lost. Since then, the Peaceblades have fragmented across Arantor, either working to restore their clan's former standing, or fighting to survive.

Akra Peaceblade

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